Jacksonville Jaguars




  • Location: Jacksonville, FL
  • Opened: 1995
  • Capacity: 67,838
  • Weather: OK (7th best of 20 outdoor venues)
  • Games attended: 2
  • Last visited: 2023


EverBank Stadium (formerly TIAA Bank Field) is a decent, if unspectacular stadium. I give it a slight edge over the other generic “southern” stadiums in Carolina and Nashville because of the on-going renovations that have continued to improve the fan experience.

A generic stadium with some positives

It’s a fairly basic place and lacks the “Wow” factor of many venues built in the past 15 years. It lacks shaded areas which can be a real issue for early season games under the hot Florida sun. And given the highly uneven quality of the Jaguars over the years (not to mention the constant threat of the team moving to London), it may not always be full.

But there are some quirks that make it a little most interesting.

About 76% of seats are between the goal lines. There’s no “club level” (the team moated the best seats in the lower bowl between the 30’s to serve as the club area) so the upper bowl feels closer to the field. Concessions include barbecue, jambalaya, and offerings from several local eateries. And while macro beer flows abundantly, with some sleuthing, you can find some nice local/Florida craft options.

The stadium boasts one of the largest videoboards in North America. There’s a dog park which even includes a small bone-shaped wading pool. And the north end zone features a VIP suite deck area that includes two pools with clear sides that look out onto the playing field where you can watch the game waist deep in “water” with your fellow beer drinking, swimsuit-wearing funsters.

Not much around the stadium

Despite being just 1.5 miles from the heart of downtown Jacksonville, there isn’t much around the venue. There’s one good brewpub and 8 churches. So most fans end up tailgating like it is a suburban stadium.

Which, frankly, better fits the North Florida vibe.

The NFL’s most Southern fan base

The Jacksonville Jaguars fanbase, while perhaps the smallest in the NFL, is probably the most “southern”. Bo and Luke Duke would fit in nicely here.

I’d wager a handsome sum that the crowd at EverBank Stadium has more fans wearing jorts than any pro stadium exclusive of NASCAR tracks. Both genders.

Even more whimsical or charming (depending on your POV) is the fan chant of DUUUUVAL after a big play. It took me a while to figure out that fans bellow their COUNTY name to signal their joy. I think I grew a mullet after learning that.

In conclusion…

The Trevor Lawrence era will hopefully allow those relocation rumors to go away for good. This should grow the fanbase, enable the region to fully vest in the pro game, and fill those empty seats. The stadium may never crack the Top 10, but if you dig SEC football, there’s a similar vibe here.