Tennessee Titans




  • Location: Nashville, TN
  • Opened 1999
  • Capacity: 69,143
  • Weather: Comfortable (ranked 6th best of 20 outdoor venues)
  • Games attended: 3
  • Last visited: 2023
Nissan Stadium logo


If you can’t have fun in Nashville, you’re likely not a fun person. The seemingly endless parade of entertainment venues and watering holes put it in the Top 5 of American party cities (along with New Orleans, Vegas, Miami Beach and Austin).

Nissan Stadium is just over the Cumberland River from Nashville’s downtown. The pre-game tailgate scene is impressive with season pass holders cooking up some southern BBQ and playing games of Sholf (like shuffleboard with putters and golf balls). For those of us mere mortals without a parking pass, it’s an easy walk to and from downtown where a 10-minute post-game stroll over the pedestrian bridge takes you right to the honky tonks on Broadway. With so many chances to whoop it up, a Titans game is one of stamina, so pacing is crucial.

The stadium itself is a classic three decker with good sightlines. The concession areas under each of the two huge videoboards in the endzones look like little suburban neighborhoods (built as a display by former stadium title sponsor LP Building Products). Crowds can be raucous, but empty seats are often plentiful. Concession lines seem to be slower than other stadiums.

Based on modern sensibilities of stadiums only having 30 year lifespans, Nissan will soon be replaced by a $2.2 billion dome. This will allow Nashville to compete for Super Bowls. Imagine a 6-year Super Bowl rotation of Hard Rock, SoFi, Allegiant, the Superdome and the new TitanDome (Phoenix, Atlanta, JerryWorld, and the inevitable Chicago dome would vie for the 6th spot). But while I look forward to (what I presume will be) the upgrade, you really don’t need a football palace to have a good time in Nashville. So enjoy this one while you can.