Seattle Seahawks




Lumen Field logo
  • Location: Seattle, WA
  • Opened: 2002
  • Capacity: 69,000
  • Weather: OK (ranked 12th out of 20 outdoor venues)
  • Games attended: 1
  • Last visited: 2019


How the hell do the normally chill folk of the Pacific Northwest become the loudest, most rabid fans in the NFL? Does the damp and stormy fall weather change people’s demeanor and make them more aggressive? Maybe it’s because the team has played in echo chambers (both here and the Kingdome) that help amplify the sound, creating a positive feedback loop for fans to get even louder.

Regardless, the 12s phenomena is real. Seattle Seahawks fans do not have to be prompted to make some noise. The game I saw, I think the crowd noise blew the Rams’ last-second game-winning field goal try wide right. Fan noise once reached 137.6 decibels. And of course, there’s the legendary “earthquake” caused by the roars of the crowd after the Beast Mode 67-yard run in the 2011 playoffs.

When it’s not trapping noise, the shell-shaped roof at Lumen Field also serves as a nice canopy to prevent about 2/3 of attendees from getting wet. Seats are right on top of the field, but hard to get: the Seahawks sell out every game, and tickets on the secondary market aren’t cheap. The food offerings inside the stadium are solid. And there is an NFL-best 60 different beer available including 30 (mainly local) craft options.

The stadium is located in SODO Seattle, just on the outskirts of the fun Pioneer Square neighborhood. Tailgating is a little less common here, but there are many, many places to get a drink or a bite before or after the game within easy walking distance. There’s also Touchdown City located inside the Lumen Field Events Center where pre-gaming fans can enjoy food and beverages, live music, and multiple TV’s with the early games.

But in the end, what you’ll remember most here is the fan noise. To be a part of the 12s on game day is a really cool experience.