Minnesota Vikings




us bank Stadium logo
  • Location: Minneapolis, MN
  • Opened: 2016
  • Capacity: 66,860
  • Weather: n/a (indoors)
  • Games attended: 2 (plus 1 tour)
  • Last visited: 2022


As amazing as many NFL stadiums are, nothing tops the Vikings home.

It rivals SoFi Stadium for the most impressive architecture; it’s certainly the sleekest and edgiest. The jet-black carbon steel structure has hard angles/tall corners and meets with lots of glass. The largest stone and glass bow aims toward the downtown Minneapolis skyline. The huge windows and translucent roof let in the light while keeping out the Minnesota cold. While the roof doesn’t retract, large doors can open up and let in fresh air during those early season games before the Minnesota winter rolls in. It’s a veritable crystal palace with purple seats and a giant Gjallarhorn.

Between the team name and the Scandinavian heritage of many Minnesotans, there is a strong Viking theme on game day. Many fans deck themselves out in full Norse costume. The team pregame entrance theatrics, which includes indoor snow, are among the best. The “Skol” chant that kicks off the game gets my hair standing on end. And I don’t particularly like the team. Plus there’s an actual viking ship outside the stadium itself.

While the team lacks a massive lot like the suburban stadia, Viking fans can be found enjoying a relatively civil tailgate in the smaller East Town parking lots prior to game. Even for a noon game, many seem properly lubricated. By the time the fans came inside, the reserved Minnesotan stereotype is obliterated. Viking supporters got noisy and did a great job providing their squad with a real home field advantage.

In-stadium food is pretty good too. You can find some delicious fare including cheese curds by the bucket, and representation from 14 local craft breweries.

US Bank Stadium has the modernity of Atlanta but is occupied by more loyal fans. It has luxury like Dallas without the same level of ostentation. It has better acoustics than Allegiant, and is less expensive than SoFi. It’s the most impressive of the impressive, making US Bank Stadium, home of the Minnesota Vikings, the NFL’s best venue.